If your new home isn't ready for occupancy, your household goods may be stored in an Globe Moving company's warehouse at an additional charge until you are ready to accept them.
All Globe moving company warehouses are clean, modern, climate controlled facilities which are specifically designed for maximum safety. These warehouses are government approved, heated, pest-controlled, and sprinklered with proper alarms and security devices.
Each piece of your shipment will be carefully inventoried and inspected for transit damage that may have occurred on the move between your residence and the warehouse.
Your possessions will be carefully wrapped in protective storage blankets and placed inside clean, wooden, dust-free storage vaults. Your name and the number of storage vaults assigned to your shipment will be affixed to the exterior of the vaults and this same information will be entered into an internal tracking system.
Special racking is used in the warehouse to store sofas and other large upholstered items. Each piece will be wrapped in clean, heavy-duty clear plastic for extra protection. Should you require access to your storage vaults during the storage period, this can be arranged through your local Globe moving company for a nominal fee.
When long distance shipments are delivered to a warehouse for storage (storage-in-transit) they can remain under the Atlas long distance move contract for up to 60 days. Storage for more than 60 days means that your shipment will be converted to a long-term storage contract.
Globe's goal is to keep your valued possessions safe until you are ready to have them moved to your new home.