More Info Supplies
At Globe, we carry a full line of Packing / Moving supplies:
2 Cube Box $2.50 Wardrobe $15.00
4 Cube Box $3.50 Paper
(25 lb. bundles)
5 Cube Box $5.00 Tape $2.50 per roll
China Carton $6.50 Mattress Bag, Single $5.00
Same Day, Wardrobe $7.50 Mattress Bag, Double $7.00
Large Picture Boxes $15.00 (2 Pieces) Mattress Bag, Queen $9.00
Small Picture Boxes $12.00 (2 Pieces) Mattress Bag, King $12.00

Shrink Wrap $20.00 per roll

Bubble Wrap $0.50 per ft.

*Refund Policy:
If boxes are returned to Globe Moving & Storage Ltd. in re-usable condition, a 50% refund will apply.
No refund will apply to the following supplies: paper, tape,  rental wardrobe cartons, and all size mattress bags